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List of Android Apps to Watch Free Movies Without Subscription

Movies are always a great source of entertainment. They ensure that we get entertained in all aspects and stay stress-free. But nowadays it is a costly affair to book or buy movie tickets. So, does this stop us from watching our favorite movies? I don’t think so it does. There is always a workaround for things that are an issue in our life. Today we will let you know about the best apps to watch free movies for android. 

best apps to watch free movies

Movies also have a workaround and that is Android apps. Yes, you read that right. Android apps are great for us to get everything at our fingertips. Keeping this in mind, let us look at some of the best free movie apps for android that would allow us to watch movies. So, do we need to subscribe to these apps before we watch movies? Let us dig deep to know the details.

Watch Free Movies On Android Apps Without a Subscription

Android is an open platform and here you could find many free movie apps without paying for android phones which is of great help and make our life easier. So, if you have the knack and can build something great then Android is the platform to flash it.

free movie apps without paying

Top 8 Best Apps To Watch Free Movie On Android Without Downloading

Just like many apps that offer great movie content to binge upon, there are many apps which are free of cost for you to watch movies. You need not pay a subscription fee for it as you do for other apps. So, let us look at a list of such apps.

  1. Show Box
  2. Tubi TV
  3. OneBox HD
  4. Sony Crackle
  5. Vudu
  6. Bobby Movie TV
  7. Kodi
  8. Terrarium TV

All the above-mentioned apps are one of the best apps to watch free movies without a paid membership. You can watch as well as download movies that you like for future viewing. These apps are not only limited to movies, but you can also use these android apps to watch movies and tv shows for free.

You can also watch free movies online. It is just a matter of downloading the app and installing it to start the movie and tv shows experience. You can also attach your smartphone to your movie theatre system and watch the movies on HD display without even paying for it. It is just the internet which you pay for. This internet is also almost free with the plans that have been launched these days.

Download Movies For Free Online

The movie experience has never been so great even in a home theatre system as the word “FREE” makes it mesmerizing. Hindi tv serials app for Android or best app for Korean drama, it does not matter at all until it is free of cost. So, binge on the best available content from the movie and television industry and increase your entertainment quotient. You can also look for YouTube for free movies online only when they are made available by the channel. Until then you cannot view any movie for free. You would have to go to the above-mentioned apps to view them for free.

best free movie app for android

Frequently Asked Question

Q. What is the best app to watch TV series?
A. You can watch TV series on almost all apps. But to watch a special TV series you would have to download its channel partnered apps only.

Q. How much is Amazon Prime subscription?
A. Amazon Prime Subscription costs about 999 INR for a year whereas the free movie apps cost nothing.

Q. What are the best free movies on Amazon Prime?
A. All the movies listed on Amazon Prime are free of cost and can be viewed at any time of the day multiple times.

Q. Which is better Netflix or Amazon Prime?
A. there is no comparison among the two as both have separate contents and never coincide with each other.

Q. How do I find Free Apps on Android?
A. All apps that offer free movies on Android are listed on Google. You can also search for movie apps in the search bar of Android Play Store and find for yourself.

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