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Top 10 Online Grocery Stores In India Which You Must Give A Try

Grocery shopping in India is not an easy task, ask anyone who has to do it, or if you are doing it you know we are not wrong. The biggest problem we face is the variety of products, there is always, at least that 1 product, which is not available and we are forced to go around 4-5 shops for it. To overcome this issue we have created a list of the top 10 online grocery stores in India.

Not only this will help you save time, but also you will not have to travel to 4 different places, irrespective of the distance, as the hassle is real. These online grocery stores in India have the best variety of products and the best thing is if they do not have something in stock, you will not have to run back and forth to the store to check for the availability. It will be a click away.

There are a lot of grocery stores in India which people know about, but that is a dual edged sword at time because with popularity comes more order load which can result in delay or cancellation of orders so we have made a list which has the best user reviews and have a huge collection of products for you.

So without further waiting le us being with the list.

PS: This is not a ranking of 1-10 in any sort, they are just our top 10 pick

StarQuickCheck Here
BigBasketCheck Here
GrofersCheck Here
Amazon PantryCheck Here
Nature’s BasketCheck Here
DMart ReadyCheck Here
Reliance SmartCheck Here
Patanjali AyurvedCheck Here
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What Are Top 10 Indian Grocery Store Online?

Apart from the eradication of the long queues at supermarkets or even sometimes at the local stores, these online grocery stores in India offers huge discounts which lead us to save money. They have a great advantage over the traditional brick and mortar stores which is at times the lower operational costs due to no physical presence.

1. StarQuick

StarQuik is an online food store owned by India’s largest and most respected industrial house, Tata Group. Their brick-and-mortar stores known by the name Star Mart is already very popular among Indians.

The online portal offers a wide range of options, from groceries to kitchen appliances, utilities, pet care, and much more just like the store. Plus, the best thing about StarQuick is that it sells products below MRP. They also provide an express delivery service that guarantees arrival within three hours.

Also, StarQuik differs from other e-grocers which is it picks things from stores and delivers them to customers, whereas most other portals pick up from warehouses and distribute products. StarQuik helps save money on warehousing and logistics.

2. BigBasket

One of the leading and top online grocery store in India where you can buy fruits, beverages, vegetables, household items, eggs, staples, grocery, personal care products and much more. This list does not even start to begin with these, there are also spices, gourmet products, dairy products which you can buy from this platform. BigBasket not just offers a super variety of products but also offers discounts through the coupons.

BigBasket- top 10 grocery stores in India.

Apart from the products and discounts, BigBasket also works round the clock and even offers different delivery options including same day, express and regular delivery. They also have signature packaging option. What also makes BigBasket amongst the top online grocery stores in India is its availability in a huge number of cities including Noida, Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Pune and many more.

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3. Grofers

Grofers is another hot favourite of the people in India and is regarded as one of the top online grocery stores in India. The Unique Selling Proposition (USP) of Grofers is that it connects its users with all the local stores nearby which are currently selling grocery items. Grofers not only deals in groceries and vegetables, or fruits and some household items but also delivers baked items, cosmetics, electronic items, baby care, pet care and many, many more products.

Grofers- top 10 grocery stores in India.

With Grofers, you will always have the freedom to choose the shop from which you want to buy the items/ products and also choose and schedule the delivery slots as per your requirements. Grofers, just like BigBasket, covers a lot of cities all over India which include Mumbai, Delhi NCR, Pune, Chennai, Chandigarh, Surat, Jaipur just to name a few making it one of the best online supermarkets in India.

4. Amazon Pantry

Coming from the house which has created, prime music, prime videos and is the world’s biggest e-commerce website. With the goodwill of so many years and Amazon Pantry is one of those choices where you cannot go wrong while choosing an online grocery store in India for your next shopping.

Amazon Pantry- top 10 grocery stores in India.

Not only Amazon Pantry has some of the biggest variety of products such as cooking essentials, beverages, snacks, household supplies, vegetables, fruits, amongst others, Amazon’s safe and reliable delivery is known to everyone. Also, they deliver to more than 100 cities in India which is a colossal feat in itself making it one of the top online grocery stores in India.

5. Nature’s Basket

Nature’s Basket is another online grocery store in India. This is owned by Godrej and offers premium options to order food products across several categories which include health, bakery, vegetables, meats, fruits, confectionery and much, much more. You can also but dry fruits of premium quality from Godrej nature’s Basket.

Nature’s Basket- top 10 grocery stores in India.

If this is not enough for Nature’s Basket to be in among the top online grocery shopping in India then maybe the fact that it is a World Food place, which means you will find products from around the globe which you flavoured on your trips overseas. And if you did not travel outside, you too can now taste what your friends use to brag about. Which mean you will find some of the rarest products apart from the generic stuff here.

6. DMart Ready

Coming from a household chain of brick and mortar online grocery shopping which is present in various cities such as Mumbai, Delhi, Ghaziabad, Bengaluru just to name a few. Via their mobile app or online website, DMart offers not just groceries but also gifts and garments which one can buy.

DMart Ready- top 10 grocery stores in India.

What makes DMart amongst the top online grocery stores is the wide array of products one can buy which includes, Flours, Grains, Rice, Dals, Masalas, Spices, Cooking Oil, Ghee, Fruits and Vegetables and even personal care products. Also, they offer two types of delivery services,  home delivery and a self pick up. In self pickup you can choose the nearest pickup point.

7. Reliance Smart

Reliance Smart is not something which needs an introduction as this is one of the best online grocery stores in India with covering the majority of the country via physical stores and the goodwill of many year and the brand name Reliance making is also one of the most popular grocery stores in the country.

Reliance Smart- top 10 grocery stores in India.

Reliance Smart not only offers a wide variety of products such as vegetables, fruits, household products, snacks, dairy products, personal-care products and the list will not end. What also helps Reliance Smart bags top 10 online grocery stores in India is vast reach in India, where it started delivery in Mumbai and Pune, it now also delivers in Chennai and Delhi amongst various other cities.

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8. Patanjali Ayurved

Patanjali Ayurveda is an online grocery store in India which is capable of delivering to almost every postal code in the country. Not only this, but backed by the Baba Ramdev and his long history of work in Ayurveda his product line is one of the most selling in the country giving tough competition to brands like P&G and HUL.

Patanjali Ayurved- top 10 grocery stores in India.

You will find every product you can think of on this website but the only downfall is that it only sells Patanjali products. But do not let it discourage it, these products are loved by many moms in the country. Also what makes Patanjali Ayurveda one of the top online grocery stores in India are the additional features which include their “Swadeshi Smridhi Card” which is available for just Rs. 100 one-time free and gets you discounts, free shipping and many special offers while you shop online.

You also get a life insurance cover of Rs, 5 lakh on death and Rs. 2.5 lakh on permanent disability along with the card.

9. Spencer’s

Spencer’s is a very famous and trustworthy chain of supermarkets in India and is often listed in the top 10 online grocery stores in India. Not many people know that they are also available online however at them moment their reach is limited to cities in North and South India which they are going to expand soon.

Spencer’s- top 10 grocery stores in India.

On the flip side, what makes Spencer’s one of the best online grocery store in India is the sheer variety of products one can buy including fruits and vegetables, organic food items, bakery products, dairy products, imported items, meat and the list goes on and on.

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10. Easyday Club

Easyday Club is an extension of the retail chain from Future Retail Limited which already operates in major cities in India with a wide variety of products making it one of the best grocery stores in India. Everyday Club, as the name suggests, works on a membership basis which only costs Rs. 999 a year and offers myriad of offers including a 10% discount on shopping, home delivery and more.

 Easyday Club- top 10 grocery stores in India.

With delivery services and reach in most of the cities in India, Easyday Club becomes an easy choice when it comes to deciding which online grocery store in India to buy items from. The additional benefit of the membership comes with discounts on other ventures of Future Retail Limited including Big Bazaar, Central, fbb, and even HomeTown which all will give you a maximum of 10% discount.

With this, we conclude our list of Top 10 Online Grocery Stores In India, and to remind you this list only talks about the top 10 in random order. Also, if you do not shop from these grocery shop it is completely fine but during the festival seasons, you must take a glance at them because they offer even more offers then normal.

Also, there are many smaller and local stores who have applications and websites of their own where you can buy grocery online you can also check them out according to the area you reside in.

The list above which talks about the best online grocery stores in India generally will have a limit put in place on the maximum number of item per product you can buy, this is done to prevent hoarding and reselling.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question 1: Which is the best online grocery store?
Answer 1: Deciding the number 1 at anything is almost impossible because it is subjective and changes person to person as per their priorities. However, we have curated a list of 10 best online grocery stores in India for you which you must check for the best offers and discount deals available.

Question 2: Which is the cheapest online grocery store?
Answer 2: There are many online grocery stores in India which offer cheap prices however, we believe StarQuik from TATA is the cheapest as they guarantee that the products sold on their website will be below the MRP, always and even offer more than 10,000 products.

Question 3: Where can I buy groceries online in India?
Answer 3: There are literally hundreds of options where you can buy groceries online in India, but to reduce your headache we have boiled the list down to the top 10 grocery stores online in India. Also, we recommend these because of the sheer variety of products and offers they have on their platforms.

Question 4: Which supermarket is cheapest online?
Answer 4: In general, all the supermarkets online will be cheaper than a traditional brick and mortar store because of the significant drop in prices. This is because of the drop in operational cost compared to a physical store. Also, in general, StarQuik claims to have the best prices out there but you can check any of the online grocery stores on the list and see if with the additional offers they beat StarQuik’s prices overall.

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