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Top 14 Best Offline Music Apps To Stream Music Without Internet

Music is one thing that knows no boundary, neither geographical nor racial. Music and food are two things that get even the most opposed personalities together. However, at times we face issue with the internet which stops us from enjoying the songs, for that there are some best offline music apps which we are gonna tell you.

Listening to music is one of the favourite pass time activity and people do it on almost every occasion like exercising, traveling, studying, eating, sleeping, and at times even while taking a bath.

But before we take a look at the offline songs app, let us first see how they work as in what do they exactly do.

How Do Offline Music Apps Work?

How offline songs app works is that they give the user an option to download the song on the device within the application which he/ she can listen to whenever they have time.

Not only this method saves the data from not using the internet over and over again whenever you stream the song but also make sure that your mood is not spoiled because of the poor internet service on your device.

So without further ado let us take a look at these the some best offline music apps:

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What Are The Best Offline Music Apps That Are Available On iOS And Android?

Online streaming is not just a simple boon as it comes with its own disadvantages, though it brings the music we want to listen to within reach along with the lyrics and let us try new genres, it also uses a considerable amount of data, and will consume it every time a song is streamed.

To overcome this we have made a list of the apps that you can download and use so that you do not suffer from the pain of slow or constant dropping internet connection.

1. Spotify

Spotify, created by Spotify Limited is considered to be the best online music platform in the world. This app also offers podcasts as well. One can simply search the songs and create playlists and even creates recommended playlists based on the genre of music and music creators you select in the app.

Spotify - best offline music apps

Spotify can be installed on a tablet, mobile phone, desktop, MacBook, PlayStation, Chromecast and many more products. The application also lets the user download the songs offline in different languages making it one of the many, and amongst the best offline Hindi song apps.

You can go through the millions of songs, that you may not find anywhere else, also the Free version lets you stream the songs there are, but to remove advertisements, you may have to upgrade to the Premium version.

2. Wynk Music

Wynk is available on both iOS and Android and what makes it a person offline Hindi songs app is that you can follow artists and the playlists along with the podcasts and albums and keep track of all the new and old songs that you want to hear.

Wynk Music - offline music app

 You are not restricted to just download the hindi songs to listen later without the internet connection but can also download songs in various other languages including Punjabi, English, Spanish and genres like Rock, Jazz, EDM, and others.

If you are an Airtel user, you get WYNK Music subscription for free.

3. Gaana Music

Gaana is a very popular and one of the best offline music streaming application which offers songs and tunes from a wide array of languages from around the world and within Indian as well. However, little did people know it is also an offline Hindi songs app which allows a user to enjoy songs even without a viable internet connection. Having said this, the app lets you download songs in any and all the languages it offers.

Gaana Music - offline songs app

Apart from just music, a user can also download the lyrics for the songs. The app houses some of the best features like sleep timer and playback speed control. Also, the application has a few advertisements between the songs, you can always get rid of them by upgrading to the premium version.

4. SoundCloud

Apart from being an best offline music app, SoundCloud is also an open community for people from all over the globe where they can upload any song or even music into the directory for people to listen to.

SoundCloud - offline hindi songs app

The company claims that they have the most diverse catalogue of content currently available in the world, SoundCloud is not just an app which serves as a platform where one can enjoy music both offline and online but also serves as stage for both established and aspiring musicians to get their tunes out to the world.

Also, you can directly connect with the artists and other listeners via this app.

5. JioSaavn

Earlier known as Saavn, was bought by JioMusic for a whopping $ 108 million to make JioSaavn. This music application works on iOS, Android, Alexa, Google Chroma, Chromecast and many other devices.

JioSaavn - best offline music apps

Though the music available on this platform is free, but in order to remove the advertisements that pop between songs, a user will have to go for the Pro version. JioSaavn is one of the bes offline music apps as it lets a user download the music in any language to his/ her device and listen to it later.

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6. Google Play Music

As the name suggests, this music app comes from one of the biggest companies of the World, Google LLC. Apart from offering customised playlists and songs, users can also use the Radio function. Not just this, the app also lets the user start their own radio station as well. A user can add up to 50,000 songs and the app will then help the user promote them.

Google Play Music

The app also lets the users download the songs and tunes onto their devices to listen uninterrupted when they are not connected, also it houses some of the best and latest Hindi songs, making it one of the best offline Hindi songs app.

7. Amazon Music

Amazon Music, as the name suggests if offered by Inc., which lets the users stream music online in many languages. If you have an Amazon Prime membership you will automatically get Amazon Music free with it along with Amazon Prime Video.

Amazon Music

Amazon Music also lets the user get to know the app as it gives 30 days free trail, also Amazon Prime membership comes free for Airtel users with many of their plans. Not only it is one of the best offline music apps but also a music station.

In India, the cost of Amazon Prime Membership is just Rs. 999 for a year and Rs. 129 if you want to subscribe on a monthly basis, and with this, you not only get Music and Prime video but also one an two day delivery option along with many, many more features.

8. Apple Music

Created by Apple, another one of the biggest companies in the world is not like any other app on the list. Not only the app gets you a custom playlist and songs for you but gets the latest songs as soon as they are out but also offers Radio within the application.

 Apple Music

A contender of having the most songs with 60 million songs (6 crore) which are available to listen to offline as well on both iOS and Android devices. For the initial 3 months, this application is free to use, and trust you us, after the first week you will be hooked. After that, Apple will offer multiple prices for it be to subscribed categorised into Student, Individual, and Family.

With the number of Hindi songs listener in the country, it is arguably the best offline songs app currently available. If you have any Apple device with the virtual assistant Siri on it, you can run the Music app with her help without even touching your device.

9. Deezer

An application which will, somehow, always make the list when people jot down their best pick apps to listen to music both online and offline. Deezer offers 56 million songs to the users which they can stream online for free.


The application instantly becomes one of the best offline Hindi songs app when you decide to go premium which is not all that expensive given the number of songs and the features it offers like remove ads, no limit on skipping songs, no more shuffling of songs, and 320kBps song quality which is as superior as it can get.

Depending on the artists you like, the app will also create a playlist person to you.

10. Audiomack

Audiomack is becoming a sensation amongst the music listener lately as it allows people to download the music offline and enjoy them on the go without the need of the internet for free. It offers more than 40 lakh songs and also lets the artists who want to make a name for themselves share their tracks with the public.


Even though it is a stand-alone music app, but it is designed in such a way that it can be integrated with other music apps like Spotify, SoundCloud and Google Play Music. It has some good Hindi tunes as well making it one of the best offline songs apps in the world right now.

4 More Offline Music Apps

Here are some honorary mentions which did not make the top 10 but deserved their name to be told to our users.

11. Napster

Have you seen the movie “The Social Network” about the social media website that we all love using, Facebook? Well, you must remember Sean Parker who talked about a music streaming app which lets people download and share the music for free. Yeah, this is that app.


12. YouTube Music

Coming from the house of Google, yet again, this apps is not entirely free, however, will let the users stream and download unlimited music for 1 complete month. You can also watch and download music video on this platform

YouTube Music

13. Hungama Music

Hungama is partly paid, you can download and stream music but also let you earn points when you interact with the application and with those points, not only you can go PRO, without actually spending real money but also buy other stuff.

Hungama Music


This music application offers more than 20 lakh songs on its platform, and also gives personalised recommendation to the users. You can try the application for free and if you like it go for the paid version and unlock various features.

So, from the above list you’ll definatey know about some of the best offline music apps .Not all the apps listed above over offer downloadable content like music and songs, and investing money to buy the PRO or PREMIUM version may seem like a lot, but we should remember that there was a time when we used to buy CDs, DVDs, and albums which were way more expensive than what these apps charge today.

The premiums should not be seen as the money spent on some songs, but as the time you will now spend relaxing even when there is no internet connection or when you are down.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. 1: What music app can I use offline?
Answer: There are many, literally many music application available on both iOS and Android, infact they run on many other platforms. The above listed 14 applications are what we found to be the very best to listen to songs offline. They have a huge collection of music and songs.

Q. 2: What are the best offline music apps?
Answer: This is a trick question and very subjective and so there is no right question. As every person is unique in his/ her own way he or she may like one thing but the other person may not like it. Having said this, the list above is made out of those offline music apps which are like and used by the majority of the populace, so you do not have to go look in 100s of apps, just download any 1 of the 14 apps.

Q. 3: How can I listen to free music offline?
Answer: There are not many application which offers their music content absolutely free. Either there will be too many advertisements in between the songs or there will be other restrictions. However, we do have listed some apps which offer free songs to be listened offline, so do check the list out.

Q. 4: How can I download music for free without internet?
Answer: One cannot download the music without the internet, if someone tells you this they are lying. However, what you can do with the help of the above mentioned applications is that you can download the songs with the help of the internet and then listen to those downloaded songs even without the internet connection, no matter where you are and irrespective of how may times you  listen to them.

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