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How Couples Can Book a Hotel Room In Same City?

Book a Hotel For a Couple In The Same City With Ease

One of my friend asked me a question and he was very curious about that how to a book hotel in same city?

The hotel industry in India has seen a boost ever since the third-party applications have come into existence as the third party apps provide a user with the best deals, discounts, and offers available from a particular room, hotel and ever services. Additionally, these apps also provide the user with all the necessary information that is needed to book a particular hotel. Information like, is there a parking space available, the size of the room, type of room, buffet available or not, and the amenities that the hotel can offer, and in some instances the most important information, if the hotel allows unmarried couple and whether the hotel entertain same city ID Proofs.

can we book hotel in same city

A lot of hotel have restrictions on the kind of guests it entertains, some hotel do not offer services to non-Indian citizens also, and this causes a lot of problem later on when you reach the hotel property and you are denied the room because you did not comply with hotel’s policies. These third party apps tell you all the details that you would need to know before making a booking.

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Many times a hotel offers discounts that are not directly available their websites and their mobile application. OfferCounty is the one stop website that will provide you with some of the most luscious offers and discounts coupons and codes you can find for a hotel. The codes that OfferCounty offers are verified so you do not have to worry whether the code will work or not.

You are here to know how a couple (married and unmarried) can book a hotel room in the same city in India, we know maximum of hotels do not entertain unmarried couples and then there are hotels that won’t give you a room in the same city if you are trying to book in the same city, however there are third party apps which have found a loophole for you.

Can We Book Couple Friendly Hotels in Same City Of India?

Online apps have made it easy for people who wish to book a room in the same city in India, they offer a category which is dedicated for couples, and these hotels are not only couple friendly, but also safe. Earlier, the luxury hotels had a strict policy of not offering the room to unmarried couples and people with ID proof from the same city even when the people who wish to book the room did not had a problem with the price. Now a lot many high end luxury hotels offers rooms, all you need to do is look.

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Book a Hotel Room for a Few Hours

Sometimes, couples who are looking to book the room do not wish to spend a whole day at the hotel, they may need it for a couple of hours or maybe just for half a day. In such cases this could be done by going to Stayuncle website, the website not only offers the rooms for days, but also for hours. Additionally, you can simply write on google “room for a few hours near me” and google will find you numerous options (you need to give google permission to view your location for this).

This helps the couple save the hassle on asking individual hotel if they allow couple and people from the same city along with the amount of money you would be spending otherwise.

When You Read Hotel Rules For Unmarried Couple

Hotel rules for unmarried couple


Can I Book Hotel In Same City?

You can indeed book a hotel in the same city if the hotel allows so, all you will be needed to carry with you is an address proof like Aadhaar Card, Driver’s License, Passport or Voter’s ID Card with you at the time of checking in at the desired hotel. Additionally, there is no such law that restricts people from the same city or even unmarried couples to book and use a hotel room in the same city.

Hotel rules for unmarried couple:

Hotel rules for unmarried coupleSource:

OYO Rooms, hotel chain has come out as one of the best chains only because it was the first one to remove this policy from its partner hotels. Major hotels associated with OYO Rooms not only allow people to stay in with local IDs, but is also a couple friendly hotel chain, which mean even unmarried couples can book the rooms.

However, though OYO Rooms offer hotels that are posh and at a very good locality, there are some hotel that are built in low-tier areas of the cities so make sure you choose the hotel wisely after looking at the policies and location.

Find Best Deals On Couple Friendly Oyo Rooms

OYO and StayUncle, both of these hotel chains have helped couples in eradicating their biggest problems. Generally a couple do not have a high budget that they can spend on the hotel and in addition spend on the travelling as local hotel would not even entertain them. Both of these hotel chains allow the couple to spend time together in privacy without forcing them to travel to a different city. The chains also offer hotels for unmarried couples (Hyperlinked).

There are many apps that lets you find hotels that cater to couples like, StayUncle, and OYO. Following them, other major and old applications like MakeMyTrip, and GoIbibo have also started offering the same services which let people find couple friendly hotels. People now do not have to call individual hotels and ask them whether they allow couples and couples from the same city to book a room.

OYO for instance, even let you check in early, which depends on the availability, and may charge if you want the room before 11:00 AM.

OfferCounty  helps its users by providing the deals for the hotels. Users can get verified coupons and get discounts. Have fun with OfferCounty deals and discount code and never pay the full amount. Remember, you always “Pay Less With OfferCounty”.

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