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Book A Friendly Hotel for an Unmarried Couples In India

Book hotel for unmarried couples

Let’s Talk about Hotel who allow booking a room for Couple with full-on safety and hide the identity. There are many types of the hotel they are sure that your privacy is not violated and they have no any right to deny to book a room because India has no any Law to not allow to book a Hotel room an Unmarried couple in your city.

These time many types of hotel booking website start their service to booking very friendly for a girlfriend and boyfriend. Here is a big brand name is OYO Room that provides a very easy facility. You can also search Oyo rooms for unmarried couples and they are always available with best deals and discounts on hotel booking.

These Hotels provide rooms for unmarried couples. Check out the list:

Easy Hotel Bookings for Unmarried Couples

You must have seen many couples who are into a relationship and do not wish to get married soon. In such a case, they would wish to take their relationship to the next level. But how do you do so? There should be a proper location for such things.

But with the scrutiny present everywhere, it is next to impossible for such unmarried couples to express their feelings to each other. A hotel is a good option in such situations. But many hotels have an issue where they do not allow unmarried couples to check-in.

Best Hotels booking Offers and deals

This can be a huge issue for couples and they would need an alternative for it. Technology has grown to a large extent and hotel bookings have become an easy task now. Let us look at how does this helps such unmarried couples. There is no law for unmarried couples to stay in a hotel in India

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When you get into a hotel room, you lock the door, and you know there is a secrecy, there is a luxury, there is fantasy. There is comfort. There is reassurance. – Diane Von Furstenberg

Book hotels using Apps

Do you wish to book luxury hotels in India or any other destination but cannot do so as you are an unmarried couple? Well, this is no more a task as the best hotel booking app for Android in India, now allow you to book rooms for unmarried couples as well. There is a tagging done on the app for every hotel if they allow couples into their hotel or not.

So, if you see a tag mentioned as a couple friendly hotel, you know that you can book a room with ease. Such hotels do not ask many questions when you provide documents to them. They are least bothered until you are sober and do not cause a commotion or an issue in their hotel premises.

Offers and deals in Hotel


This positive sign of changing times. And, as you know, these hotels aren’t shady as is the misconception. These are just some hotels that allow unmarried couples. One more thing, even if an unmarried couple happens to arrive at a hotel which doesn’t let them check-in and booking a room, saying it’s prohibited by law and society restriction, then, there is no law in the country, which says that unmarried couples cannot stay together at a hotel room or not have a physical relationship.

“To deny people their human rights is to challenge their very humanity.” – Nelson Mandela

List of Hotel Booking Sites

You can book the best hotels for unmarried couples using the top 10 hotel booking sites in India mentioned below. They are now available on all smartphone platforms.

• Makemytrip
• Go Ibibo
• FabHotel
• Trip Advisor
• Ixigo
• Oyo Rooms
• Yatra
• Agoda
• Trivago

“Unmarried couples can be in a live-in relationship, check-in to hotel rooms and do whatever they want. There are no laws and restrictions on it.”

Here we provide the best hotel to book a room for a couple and family without any problem. When you Booking a room just check the best deals and discount of all hotel on your first booking using Coupons code. Offercounty provides the best promo code and deals for all hotel lover. like MakeMyTrip coupons code, FabHotel promo code, Oyo Hotel Discount on Room booking and Goibibo offers and code.

Offers and deals in Hotel

Hotels That Allow Unmarried Couples in India

You need not buy cheap hotels for unmarried couples with the best deals and coupon code. These are just a myth now and you can book luxury hotels as well. Unless you have a budget constraint, there are many great hotels that can be booked for your needs.

• The Lalit, Mumbai
• Trident, Nariman Point
• The Park, Navi Mumbai
• Taj Lands End
• Novotel Mumbai
• Hotel Sea Princess
• Fortune Select Exotica
• Sofitel

All these are a few names to let you know that booking luxury hotels online can be so easy and simple. Many hotels also allow unmarried couples to book a hotel for a couple of hours. Couples usually need a hotel for day use so that they can return to their homes at night. You can use rent a room for a few hours near me option to search hotels. Offercounty provides the best deals and discount on hotels rooms and If you make a travel plan then go to the Offercounty and check-out the best discount code on Flight.

There is not much difference for hotels for family and hotels for couples. So, make the most of such apps to book a hotel for you and your partner without worrying about the denial to check in to it.


Q. How can I book a hotel for cheap?

Ans. You can book a hotel for cheap rates by searching for the many available apps on Android like Trivago, Goibibo, MakeMyTrip, booking, etc.

Q. Is Oyo rooms safe for unmarried couples?

Ans. Oyo rooms are very safe for unmarried couples and it was the first app to help unmarried couples book such hotels.

Q.How do I know if a hotel is safe?

Ans. If the hotel is tagged as a couple friendly, then it is safe for your stay.

Q. Why unmarried couples are not allowed in hotels?

Ans. There is a notion that such couples are a nuance to society and would cause issues when given a room.

Q. What are the requirements to book a hotel room?

Ans. For couples, there is no major requirement to book a hotel. All you need to do is provide a valid ID proof to the reception staff.

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