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Healthkart Protein Powder For Women (Review 2022)

It is quite evident by now that no matter what your fitness goals are, your diet should contain protein to aid fat loss, muscle gain and enhance overall health. A protein-rich diet helps with weight reduction and gain lean mass. According to the National Institute of Nutrition, India, women should consume 0,83 g of protein per kg body weight every day. For women who are pregnant, an additional 0.5 g to 22.7 g of protein consumption is advised, depending upon the trimester. The Healthkart protein powder for women provides 15g of protein per serving and is extracted from whey, soy and micellar casein and this is why it can be your solution to realize health goals.

Food sources alone do not suffice adequate protein intake plausibly because cooking diminishes the protein content. Also, not everyone might find raw protein sources edible. Here is where protein powders for women might be helpful. Though the statement that protein supplements can be used as meal replacements for your body is still debatable, it is undisputedly believed that they are great for toning your body, fuelling your gym workouts, and boosting overall wellbeing.

Healthkart Protein Powder For Women (Review)

Here Is Why The Healthkart Protein Powder For Women Is Loved By Millions Of Women

  • For the ones planning on staying healthy and strong, Healthkart women’s protein, in particular, offers bang for the buck. Extracted from Whey, Soy and Micellar Casein, this protein powder consists of a multi-blend of nutrients providing 15g of protein per serving.
  • Besides this, it also contains 180 mg of Calcium per serving which is vital for strengthening bones and teeth in addition to improving brain health.
  • 5.10 mg of Iron is also contained in each serving of the powder which accelerates red blood cell production leading to oxygen transportation, regulated levels of blood glucose levels and healthy brain functioning.
  • Presence of 20 amino acids (essential and non-essential) along with Vitamin D that aids calcium absorption and immunity building besides reducing the body’s oxidative stress makes the Healthkart protein powder for women one of its kind.
  • It also consists of :
    • BCAA (Branched Chain Amino Acids) that help build muscle, reduce muscle fatigue and alleviate muscle soreness
    • PUFA (Polyunsaturated fatty acids) is important for nerve functioning and muscle strength.
  • This Healthkart women’s protein powder also helps in regulating the cholesterol levels in the body and ameliorate age-related vision loss.
  • It comes in a delectable chocolate flavour that is hard to resist.

Why are protein supplements particularly important for women?

In order to stave off chronic diseases and for everyday movement involving the lifting of heavy objects, it is crucial to maintain muscle mass and strength. Foods that are rich in protein help in achieving this and protein powders for women, in particular, provide value for money.

Dr Stuart Gray from the University of Glasgow mentions that amino acids are the building blocks of muscles and protein powders for women provide a huge amount of amino acids to the muscles. For busy women, protein powders can help accomplish protein and nutritional requirements without the need for meal prepping every other evening or sacrificing precious hours of sleep in the morning.

Also, to keep conditions like osteoporosis, calcium, vitamin D and a diet rich in proteins is essential. Following menopause, there is a decline in bone mass density. Thus, women need to consume protein supplements for maintaining healthy bones.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How does the Healthkart protein powder for women help tackle protein deficiency?

Ans1. The Healthkart women’s protein contains a blend of soy, whey and micellar casein. Regular usage of this protein supplement improves strength, immunity and fitness. Enriched with 9 essential amino acids and a Protein Digestibility Corrected Amino Acid Score of 1.0, it is possible the highest quality protein source you can opt for.

Q2. How to consume the protein powder?

Ans2. Add two scoops (30 g) of Healthkart protein powder to 250 ml of hot or cold milk. Stir quickly to avoid lumps and mix well. Have it at least 1-2 times a day preferably around 15-60 minutes after the exercise. This frame is known as the ‘anabolic window’ and is ideal to make the most out of your protein supplements.

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