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GPay New Year Stamps Offer 2020: Stand A Chance Of Winning Upto Rs. 2,020

GPay New Year Stamps Offer 2020: Stand A Chance Of Winning Upto Rs. 2,020

Google Pay introduced the stamp collection game in Diwali 2019, and now Google has come up with another edition where you can earn easy money on Google Pay for New Year’s celebration. The new offer is live (started on 23rd of December) and will continue until the 31st of December. In this edition of Google Pay stamps offer for 2020 you will need to collect stamp and by collecting the same you will stand a chance of winning real money up to Rs. 2,020.

Read ahead to know how you can earn money by collecting the stamps.

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Overview Of Google Pay Stamp Offers 2020

  • This edition of Google Pay stamp offer is termed as Welcome 2020 and will require the participants to collect a total of 7 stamps related to New Year’s party celebration. The 7 stamps are decked on a 3 tier cake.
  • The first layer (bottom layer) consists of three stamps – Balloon, DJ, and Sunglasses. The second (middle) layer also has 3 stamps – Toffee, Selfie, and Pizza. The third and the top layer has only 1 stamp – Disco.
  • Once the user collect all 7 stamps, within the offer period, will win a chance to earn money between Rs. 202 and Rs. 2,020. However, if you fail to collect all the 7 stamps, Google will not disappoint you. Even if you successfully attain any one layer, you will win something.

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Overview  Of Google Pay Stamp Offers 2020

Rules Of Google Pay Stamp Offer 2020

Just like the last time, Google Pay/Welcome 2020 seems fun, however there are certain rules that one has to follow:

  • The stamps must be collected by the 31st of December 2019.
  • There will be a certain cap on the maximum number of stamps one can collect in a day.
  • Google Pay users who have already earned Rs. 9,000 in the current fiscal year will not be able to participate in this game.
  • You collect the Toffee Stamp only by Paying bills, the DJ Stamp by recharging your mobile, and the Pizza Stamp by inviting a friend to Google Pay or once they make the first payment using Google Pay, and must be collected between the 23rd and 31st of December.
  • After you collect the above mentioned 3 stamps, the other 4 stamps will be “variably distributed”
  • The offer is not applicable for people living in Tamil Nadu.

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How to Collect Free Google Pay Stamps Of New Year?

In order to collect google pay offer stamps for the Welcome 2020 contest and earn money all you need to do is follow these simple steps:

  • First and foremost, update your Google Pay application it is it not at the latest version, you can do it from Google Play Store or Apple’s App Store depending upon which phone you use.
  • Now, open the Google Pay app and find the “Rewards” section on iOS devices, for Android users, Google has placed a separate section beside the “Rewards” and “Offers” right on the home page named “2020”.
  • You will get 1 stamp for every payment of Rs. 98 or above to Business, Spot (place), and or Google Pay user. You will get 1 stamp per unique payee with 5 stamps kept as daily limit.
How to Collect Free Google Pay Stamps Of New Year?
  • You will get 1 stamp on paying a bill of Rs. 300 or Rs. 98 on a mobile recharge. Again, the daily limit is 5.
  • Get up to 5 stamps a day when your (5 unique referrals) friends make their first payment with your referral code.
  • You will also get a maximum of 5 stamps a day, 1 stamp on your Gift board per friend you gift, once they accept the gift you send. For the Android users, you can scan the “2020” from the code scanner option in the Google Pay app
  • Also, when you refer 2 friends, make a 2nd recharge or billpay and you will stand a chance of receiving a Selfie stamp.

Once completed you will be get a scratch card which will assured gift between Rs. 202 and Rs. 2,020. However if you fail to complete the full three tier cake but complete any one tier Google Pay will offer you gift. If any one layer of the cake is completed, the user will be able to choose a bonus reward from three options – Vouchers, Scratch Cards, and Luck Draw Ticket worth up to Rs. 20 lakh.

A user should choose and claim the rewards for the Welcome 2020 game by the 31st of December 2019, and the claimed rewards will be available in “rewards” channel.

Please note, a user can earn a maximum of 1 bonus reward for each cake layer he/she completes, and 1 scratch card for completing the whole cake.

Hoping that the above steps and rules will help you play the latest edition of Google Play Stamps game – Welcome 2020 – and help you win the best rewards possible.

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