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Celeste Titan Skinn Perfume for Women (Review, 2022)

Finding the right perfume that suits your skin type alongside complimenting your personality and mood can be quite a daunting task, particularly if you are shopping online. You often need to bear a few selective key points in mind like your skin type, personality, mood, etc. before you head on to purchase a perfume. You can never go wrong with the Titan Skinn perfume for women and its enduring fragrance eliciting the liveliness of a spring garden.

The Titan Skinn Celeste is comprised of white floral notes with a dash of zing from peaches and pears. Additionally, the dry sandalwood blending with an unanticipated tinge of patchouli make the product perfect for a playful mood with a sparkle of charming mischief.

Celeste Titan Skinn Perfume for Women (Review, 2021)

The headnotes or top notes of this perfume perceived instantly upon application are infused with luminous and sparkling fruity touches of Grapefruit, Green Pear, revitalizing Ginger, Blood Orange and delicate White Peach. This is followed by the heart notes which unfold a lively floral nectar heart originating from exotic white flowers of the sensual jasmine and sambac along with the irresistible orange and suave flowers, tuberose and delicate invigorating waterlily. The final super creamy dry down encompassing the fruity apricot nectar, asserting sensuality clubbed with sandalwood, patchouli and precious white musks makes this Titan Skinn Celeste one of the best perfumes for women in India.

Your perfume speaks volumes about the kind of personality that you hold. Besides tackling body odour it also boosts self-confidence and uplifts mood. Choosing from the wide array of tones ranging from bold to light highlights what kind of a woman you are. All this needs to be done in conjunction with ensuring that you are not being harsh on your skin.

Highlights of the Celeste Titan Skinn Perfume for Women

  • Long-lasting: Crafted with a fragrance to spice up your femininity every day with its sweet symphony of exotic florals amidst a fruity excitement
  • Ideal for all occasions: The Titan Celeste perfume caters to all occasions. So, be it a dinner party or a picnic date, quit worrying if you have this wonder with you. Right from the start, it releases a fruity fragrance while setting on the skin with a consequent floral scent.

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  • Elegant and travel-friendly bottle: Its lightweight packaging containing 50ml of the perfume makes it easy to carry around especially while travelling.
  • Skin-friendly: This France manufactures Skinn Titan perfume for ladies is gentle on your skin and has zero side effects. This makes it perfect primarily for women with sensitive skin.
  • Blocks unwanted odour: This one ladies, does not wear off easily. So, even a few sprays get you sorted for a good couple of hours.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What can I do to make the perfume last longer on my skin?

Ans1. Dry skin application often causes the perfume to evaporate faster than usual. It is always advised to moisturise the skin before application or apply the perfume right after the shower on wet skin. Also, consider spraying on your pulse points which would give a lasting fragrance.

Q2. What is unique about this Titan Skinn perfume for women?

Ans2. The fruity fragrance mixed with a refreshing floral tint results in an irresistible scent which radiates a long-lasting odour with nil side effects. Not only this, the fact that the base notes are extracted from apricot nectar, sandalwood and white musk leave behind a sweet and tantalizing aroma.

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