Boat Stone 250 5W Bluetooth Speaker (Review) 2022

Founded in 2016, Boat has been entitled as the 5th largest wearables brand globally since December 2020. The Bluetooth speakers delivered by the brand are popular for their loud sound system. The successor of the Boat stone 200, the Boat stone 250 wireless Bluetooth speaker was launched in January 2021.

Why Is This Boat Bluetooth Speaker worth Every Penny?

This 5W portable Bluetooth speaker has RGB (Red Green Blue) lighting effects which make the product super stylish. Equipped with a Bluetooth version 5, this speaker forms an improved audio connection in addition to fostering enhanced sync between devices. It also comes with a good range of connectivity and multiple options like AUX and TF (TransFlash) cards.

Boat Stone 250 5W Bluetooth Speaker

In addition to the aforementioned aspects, this Boat Bluetooth speaker also boasts instant wireless connectivity, a Type C interface and an IPX7 rated water resistance feature. The centrepiece, however, of this portable Bluetooth speaker is its RGB LED with a button allowing you to customize lights creating the perfect vibe.

The Boat Stone 250 wireless speaker has a metallic grill on the front in contrast to the outer body which is built of plastic. Besides being sturdy, silicon composed buttons and port covers give the product a perfect finish and make it one of the best Bluetooth speakers in India in its range.

The Boat Stone 250 accommodates front-firing speakers with a power output of 5W along with a back radiator. If you reside in an average-sized room, this Boat Bluetooth speaker will yield the perfect sound effects with a high degree of audibility. Although the bass is deep, the punch is a tad bit lower. But the overall audio quality is exceptional.

Furnished with a 44.45 mm audio driver which is ideal for a 5W Bluetooth speaker, this marvel has an in-built microphone that enables hands-free calling and employing voice assistance (completely compatible with google assistant, Siri and Alexa). This waterproof speaker comes with an 800 mAh battery with a playback time of 8 hours without the RGB LED light and 5 hours with the LED control at 70% volume.

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It gets fully charged in roughly 2 hours. This time can vary depending upon the charging adapter. The fact that this boat Bluetooth speaker comes with a micro-SD card slot makes it highly beneficial especially when you do not wish to connect it to your mobile or when your phone runs out of power.

Smoothly integrated controls with a play/pause button, volume controls and power button for switching the Bluetooth device on and off are a few additional aspects of the speaker. This Boat Bluetooth speaker is undoubtedly a value for money which comes with a 1-year warranty.

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