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5 Best Sites To Buy Furniture & Mattresses In India

Our home’s furniture is a valuable possession. When selecting furniture for one’s house or business, one should be very specific and accurate and hence it’s important to visit the best sites to buy furniture and mattresses since every space of your home or business has its unique furniture design, whether it’s kitchen furniture, living room furniture, office furniture, or any other room. Choosing a piece of furniture for your home is quite important since it adds up more life to your place. Decorate your home with a classy collection that complements your environment and enhances its appearance.

Nobody can doubt that shopping for furniture in a physical store is a lot of fun— you get to sit on a lot of sofas, try out a bunch of different beds, and cuddle up in a bunch of various chairs to help you discover the perfect fit. However, in terms of selection, the internet far outstrips the traditional shopping experience. You can find almost any store and style you can think of online, and it’s only a few clicks away. When you purchase online, you may not be able to try out a couch for yourself, but you can read reviews and search for the exact item you want, narrowed down by price range, all from the comfort of your own home.

We have multiple option available when it comes to online shopping where you can switch from one website to other and make side by side comparison of the products and its prices. But if we talk about traditional shops, it’s not just time consuming but it also takes up a lot of effort to compare two different shops. You have to drive from one place to the other to find the right item and the right price for it and due to exhaustion and stress it’s sometimes possible that you might forget the earlier item that you had seen or its price.

However, with so many possibilities, shopping for furniture online can be a bit overwhelming. These online furniture stores make it easy for you, with plenty of selections in just about every design and at varied rates, from very economical to totally high-end, from shops you may not have heard of, to the brands you already know and love.

Also, renting furniture is better if you frequently move because you may get high-quality items at a very affordable price. Some of the top online rental services let you purchase everything you need to rent, including bathroom and bedroom furniture, dining tables, and other items.

Cityfurnish, Rentomojo, Rentickle, and many others are the best places to rent furniture. If you wish to cut down on your cost even more then you can get it by using various stores coupon code discounts like Rentomojo coupon codes which offer you great deals at a reasonable price.

Here are the best places to shop for furniture and mattresses online in India:

WakefitCheck Here
SleepyCatCheck Here
Urban LadderCheck Here
PepperfryCheck Here
Wooden StreetCheck Here

What are 5 Best Online Furniture And Mattresses Stores In India In 2022?

1. Wakefit

Wakefit-Best Sites to Buy Furniture

Wakefit began as a sleep solutions company with the goal of changing the way people sleep in India. It manufactures innovative sleeping solutions that help you obtain a good sleep through endless experimentation and intense R&D.

The company sells mattresses, bed frames, pillows, bedsheets, neck pillows, back cushions, and mattress protectors, among other things. It has recently expanded into home furniture solutions, including study tables, sofas, bookshelves, and shoe racks.

A business built on the foundation of superior quality at an affordable price. It aims to blend the needs of Indian customers with world-class technology in order to give people all over India with state-of-the-art mattresses and other bedding essentials.

Wakefit is one of the top online furniture and mattress sites in India and the company now ships products across India. Wakefit sells its items on Amazon, Flipkart, and Pepperfry, as well as through its own website.

Delivery: Shipping within 3 days after placing the order

Return Policy: Easy return policy

Perks: Free shipping, 100 nights trial, 10 years warranty, No cost EMI facility, bulk order acceptance, Free installation.

2. SleepyCat

SleepyCat-Best Sites to Buy Furniture

If you’ve recently gone through the process of purchasing a mattress, you’re certainly familiar with the difficulties. From lying on it for five minutes at a store to assessing how soft or hard it is, you might waste a lot of sleep trying to find out the right mattress.

SleepyCat is one of the best online site to buy mattresses in India and it is also India’s first box mattress company and was founded by Kabir Siddiq in August 2017, aims to make mattress shopping enjoyable and easy with just four simple clicks.

Box mattresses are made with a technique that allows them to be rolled up into a box that is one-third of their original size. The SleepyCat box mattress is compressed, rolled, and brought straight to your door in an easy-to-handle box, making it a practical answer to the stressful mattress purchasing experience.

The best part about SleepyCat is that you can trial the mattress for 30 nights in the comfort of home. If you are not satisfied with your SleepyCat mattress for any reason, you can return it for a full refund.

Delivery: Shipping can range from 5 to 7 days

Return Policy: Easy return policy

Perks: Free shipping, No cost EMI facility, easy returns, wide range of box mattress, 30 nights trial

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3. Urban Ladder

Urban Ladder-Best Sites to Buy Furniture

Urban Ladder is known for its authentic collection, which is primarily elegant and contemporary. The online furniture store sells a wide variety of home furnishings, including wardrobes, beds, sofas, dining tables, and chairs, as well as products from other categories.

Urban Ladder is considered one of the best sites to buy furniture which operates in more than 12 cities across India, delivering and installation of all sorts of products with ease. T The best thing is that they also provide customising options upon request. This site’s products are both durable and attractive, so you’re sure to find something of your choice.

Urban Ladder, which has a well-designed website, makes it simple for viewers and potential shoppers who are unsure where to begin while shopping for furniture to decorate their homes and offices.

4. Pepperfry

Pepperfry-Best Sites to Buy Furniture

When it comes to online furniture buying, you can always trust on Pepperfry for amazing prices, options, and service. Since its start, this website has managed to stock a wide range of furniture goods to satisfy everyone’s tastes. If required, Pepperfry can customise furniture pieces such as sofas, wall units, chairs, racks, mattresses, and tables to meet your needs, budget, and suitability. The best thing is that you can even request an online consultation to determine what type of furniture would complement your interiors and home décor.

Pepperfry is known for having over 650,000 products ranging from furniture to home décor. They deliver across India’s major cities, and orders can be placed through the website or mobile app. If you live outside of India, Pepperfry also ships to other countries, however there is an extra delivery charge. International shipping can take anywhere from 6 to 2 weeks.

5. Wooden Street

Wooden Street-Best Sites to Buy Furniture

This online furniture company has furniture for every space of your home or workplace. If you don’t find what you’re looking for in the collection, you can also have your furniture customised. As the name suggests this store specialises in wooden furniture. So, if you enjoy wooden furniture, you will undoubtedly get lost in this wooden haven.

Wooden Street is an online furniture business situated in Jaipur. It’s also one of the few companies that began by accepting client modification requests. What’s even better is that you have complete control over the fabric, wood, texture, colour, and finish of the furniture.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Question 1: What are the best online furniture and mattress stores?

Answer 1: The top ten websites for buying furniture online in India are listed above. You can search the websites for the furniture you require. Before settling on a particular site for your purchase, it’s usually a good idea to compare products and prices.

Question 2: Is buying furniture and mattress online a good idea?

Answer 2: It is absolutely worth considering buying furniture online, especially with so many trustworthy companies offering well-known brands. The best furniture websites in India offer a wide range of choices, excellent customer service, and great price.

Question 3: Is it better to buy a mattress online or in store?

Answer 3: While deals on in-store purchases can help with the cost, but buying a mattress online is usually less expensive. This is because you will have more options, which means more cheap alternatives at best price.

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