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10 Best Protein Powders for Women in India That Are Worth Trying (2022)

Ladies, did you ever find yourself standing in a health food store aisle, totally unsure of which protein powder to get? If your answer is yes, then you’re not alone. Luckily, you can easily access some of the best protein powders for women in India that are easily available in the market and can also work with your body and your lifestyle, whether your goal is to lose weight, bulk up, tonify some areas, or make up for protein deficiency.

You can add protein powder to a variety of foods, but smoothies, shakes, and oatmeal are the most convenient and most common. They’re quick, simple, and work perfectly on-the-go, just the way we like it. Bear in mind that protein powders are only additive to a healthy, balanced diet. Consult your physician to better understand what your recommended daily amount of protein is.

And do you fear that even the best protein shakes for females can build too much mass? Then you’re completely mistaken, instead, Whey Protein can help you melt your waistline.

We’re giving you some basic facts that debunk the protein powder myths.

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  • Usually, high-protein foods require more calories to absorb and metabolize, meaning you burn more calories to process them.
  • It takes longer for proteins to leave your stomach, so you feel full sooner and for a longer period of time.
  • Research suggests that women eat 30 per cent of their protein diet, consume 475 fewer calories a day, and lose about 12 pounds (5.5 Kg) in 8 weeks.
  • If you do some exercises, protein powders make sure that you lose weight, not muscle. This is because the amino acids in protein are used by your body to create lean muscle, making you stronger and toned.


  • Protein powders keep your metabolism running at high speed, while it digests without a problem if you pop an occasional cookie or chocolate.
  • How much protein do females eat on a regular basis?
  • Per pound (0.45 kg) of body weight, experts recommend consuming 0.5 to 0.9 grams of whey protein. Increase it to about 1.2 if you work out and go below 0.5 if you want to lose weight.
  • Get at least 35 grams of those proteins at breakfast because your body is low on fuel after fasting all night and starts eating the muscles. Studies show that these protein-rich breakfasts power the appetite all day long.
  • For any woman who wants to have a sculpted body and also want to please her taste buds, we have also carefully selected and included in the list below some of the best protein powders for women in India.

PS: The products are placed in a random order

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What are 10 Best Protein Powders for Weight Loss for Females in India 2022:

1. ON Gold Standard Whey Protein:

ON Gold Standard Whey Protein- best protein powders for women in India

You know you need this protein powder in order to develop muscles and lose weight, since it is one of the best whey proteins for women available in the market today. The Gold Standard 100% Whey of Optimal uses pure Whey Protein Isolates as the primary ingredient. Combined with ultra-filtered whey protein concentrate, this protein powder contains 24 grams of all-whey protein and 5.5 grams of natural Branched Chain Amino Acids in each serving (BCAAs). It comes in 10 enticing flavors to pick from.

The fact that this protein powder is easily digestible makes it one of the best whey protein powders that you can opt for. There are three different forms of whey protein powder essentially available on the market: whey concentrate, whey isolate, and whey protein hydrolysate. The Gold Standard contains whey isolates.

Gold Standard Whey is used by bodybuilders, athletes, and just everyone who wants extra protein in their diet, and is the best whey protein sought after by fitness enthusiasts.

2. Dymatize ISO 100

Dymatize ISO 100- best protein powders for women in India

In the supplement game, Dymatize is a fairly well-known brand, manufacturing bars, protein powders, mass gainers, creatine, glutamine, and all in between. They are also known to make the best protein powder for women’s health in India. There are 13 flavors to choose from, including cinnamon bun, fudge brownie, gourmet chocolate, and chocolate coconut and each one is extremely tasty.

This protein powder digests faster than your standard isolate, and while many people emphasize that as essential for post-workout, it could be even more useful if you’re the type to eat whey before or during a workout. Also, its reasonably price and great taste makes it one of the best women protein powders of India.

3. BSN Syntha 6

BSN Syntha 6- best protein powders for women in India

Syntha-6 is an ultra-premium protein powder and is the market’s best-tasting protein substitute. Its recipe contains several high-quality proteins, each of which has a distinct and complementary amino acid profile and absorption rates, resulting in a protein supplement that is nutritious and multifunctional.

BSN’s exclusive flavor technology results in some of the most mouth-watering protein shakes imaginable, making protein supplementation with Syntha-6 an absolute treat. In addition, the incorporation of fiber and healthy fats makes Syntha-6 ideal as part of a holistic weight loss strategy or use as a healthy meal substitute. Due to its protein nutritious value, we had to include it to our best protein powder for weight loss.

This product has a lot to talk about, but in short: it’s well priced, extraordinarily delicious, and it offers a blend of proteins that are fast, medium, and slow to digest.

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4. Fitmiss Delight

Fitmiss Delight- best protein powders for women in India

FitMiss Delight is a blend of protein powder and green superfood drinks that has a unique potato-derived ingredient that seems to help decrease appetite. It’ one of the lightest and best protein powders for women’s health in India who do not work out and just want to add protein powder to their diet.

This could be a useful weight loss protein powder: it’s low in calories, it has some fat and fiber to increase the protein’s filling effect, and there’s the fullness of the SolaThin potato protein, of course. It’s not for muscle building, it’s for helping you between meals to feel full. And at that point, a good job is done. Just add this protein powder to your milk or water, or try it out with your favourite smoothies to your breakfast for a protein-packed treat.

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5. OZiva Protein & Herbs

OZiva Protein & Herbs- best protein powders for women in India

This protein powder is made especially for females and it is quite popular among females in India. It is also popular because it is a perfect combination of proteins and ayurvedic herbs. 

Oziva high quality protein helps to keep you from getting hungry and assist with good nutrition, fitness and health goals. Key benefits of this product help to build and maintain lean muscle mass, protein supplement to satisfy your hunger. It contains Essential Multivitamins & Minerals like Biotin, Iron, Zinc, Vitamin A, Vitamin D, Vitamin C, B-Vitamins and Ayurvedic Herbs like Shatravarti, Flaxseed, Tulsi etc.

Oziva protein helps to balance your hormones, adding to weight loss. It increases the level of energy as well. According to various reviews on different forums it is considered one of the best protein powder for weight loss for females in India.

6. Healthkart Women’s Protein Powder

Healthkart Women's Protein Powder- best protein powders for women in India

This protein powder has been formulated to fulfil the needs of active females who do many physical exercises on a daily basis and want to keep their muscles strong. Its exquisite chocolate flavour means that in good taste you get a good health.

In addition to satisfying the body’s protein needs, it also contains calcium, iron, and amino acids, making it a healthy choice for both the mind and the body. To encourage you to have nutrients in a delicious way, it is available in various other flavours apart from chocolate.

The Healthkart protein powder also has DHA (Docosahexaenoic Acid) that helps to control levels of cholesterol and prevents age-increasing vision impairment. It is highly recommended and considered one of the best protein powders for women in India who just want to stay fit and with all the exercise and fitness regimes.

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7. myDaily Lean Women Protein Powder

myDaily Lean Women Protein Powder- best protein powders for women in India

myDaily Lean Women is a highly popular protein powder that is used and trusted by 1 lac+ female across India and is one of the best protein powders for women in India. This women protein powder is designed to provide long-term weight loss and nutrition for daily energy, immunity & hormonal balance. This protein powder is also extremely good for your hair and skin as well as it has various ingredients such as Biotin, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Iron, Niacin, Vitamin E, Selenium, Zinc & Copper that provide your skin and hair with the essential nutrients it needs.

It’s gluten and sugar-free protein powder makes sure your body does not suffer from hormonal stress, thus making it easier for you to achieve hormonal balance crucial for fast & healthy weight loss.

8. &Me Women’s Protein Powder:

&Me Women's Protein Powder- best protein powders for women in India

&Me Women’s Protein is a holistic protein powder for female which fulfils their 30% requirement of daily nutrition. It is a combination of Natural herbs, multivitamins and amino acids which gives a perfect balance to your health and keeps you energised. It is a super blend of 14 Vitamins, 7 Minerals, 11 Amino Acids and 16 Herbs which makes this highly nutritional product one of the best protein powder for weight loss.

Me plant protein nourishes your body with quality protein which helps maintain the muscle mass and energy.

Its natural ingredients work together to provide a well-balanced diet and healthy lifestyle for females. It also helps to boost immunity, balance monthly hormones and weight. The best thing about &Me protein is that it is a plant-based protein and has zero added sugar, no preservatives, no soy/whey and is vegan by nature. Therefore, this protein powder is ideal for females who are vegan. Thus making it one of the best vegan protein powders for women in India.

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9. MyProtein Impact Whey Protein

MyProtein Impact Whey Protein- best protein powders for women in India

If you’re looking for a whey protein powder of premium quality that offers an amazing taste, then look no further as one of the best whey protein for women is here.

MyProtein Impact Whey Protein Powder is created with premium whey which is ideal for anyone looking to increase daily protein intake. In order to maximize protein intake, consumption is recommended either before or after a training session or at any time during the day. Whey protein is fast-absorbing and thus suitable for post-workout intake. It can be consumed as a delicious protein shake with water or milk or mixed with your favorite smoothie or Greek yogurt.

10. Muscleblaze Women Iso 100% Whey Protein Isolate

Muscleblaze Women ISO 100% Whey Protein Isolate- best protein powders for women in India

MuscleBlaze ISO Whey for Women consists of Whey Protein isolates with added vitamins and minerals. It is exquisitely crafted for female fitness enthusiasts, athletes and bodybuilders. It consists of 100% whey protein isolate which is lactose-free and has better absorbability.

Along with proteins, a woman’s body also needs abundant vitamins and minerals to compensate for the loss of nutrients during their workouts. Calcium and Vitamin D makes the bones stronger while vitamin C supports stronger immunity. Iron helps regulate healthy blood flow minimizing the risk of iron deficiency caused during menstruation. Females supposedly require twice as much Iron compared to men. With so many ingredients, it is definitely one of the best whey protein powders in the market today and is highly recommended by many fitness freaks so the product definitely deserves a spot in our best protein powder for women in India list.

The is product has Zero Carbs, Zero Fat, Zero Added Sugar, and Zero Trans fats which complement your strict fitness goals where there is no scope of any unwanted gains. MuscleBlaze ISO Whey fuels your body with protein which supports lean muscle gain and helps you carve a chiseled body with your workouts without any bulking. Also, it is without a doubt, one of the best whey protein powders that results in lip smacking shakes.

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With this we conclude our list of 10 best protein powder for women in India.

Choosing the right protein powder can seem like a hard business and if you’ve never bought one before, it might feel like the number of choices is overwhelming.

Just remember that first and foremost, you need to choose your goals for using protein powder and then identify if you have any additional preferences or factors at play in your life.

Once you’ve decided on those, it’ll help you narrow down the playing field and choose a protein powder that’ll deliver you the high-quality amino acids your body needs to recover between your workout sessions or just fulfil the requirement of your protein intake.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Question 1: Why do we need protein?

Answer 1: It’s important to note that our body doesn’t need protein exclusively. It is important to concentrate on a healthy and balanced diet – this includes carbohydrates, fibre, minerals, fats and protein.

Our muscles, blood, skin and hair are made of protein. Your body uses it inside our bodies to fix itself, create tissue, generate hormones, enzymes, as well as other chemicals. Slow metabolism, fatigue, slow healing wounds, low immunity, among many others, can result from not consuming enough protein.

Question 2: What are the various protein powder types?

Answer 2: There are various brands that make the best protein powders for females in India and are available both online as well as in the local market. Whey, soy, and casein are the most common types of protein powders, out of which whey is the most common since it is a water-soluble milk protein. This means that it can be blended with water or applied to a smoothie, which is very versatile.

Question 3: Do I need extra protein?

Answer 3: Generally, by leading a healthy lifestyle and concentrating on a balanced diet with meat, fish, poultry, and pulses such as peas, beans, and lentils on the menu, you can get your recommended daily protein intake. We need a varying amount of protein depending on our lifestyle and stage of life. There are many protein powders that are designed especially for weight loss and you can easily find some of the best protein powder for weight loss female in India. You may want to consider it including protein shakes in your diet if:

  • You are a teenager and you are still evolving and growing.
  • You start on a vegan or vegetarian diet, and from your diet you do not get enough protein.
  • You have just begun a fitness program and are excited to start building muscles
  • Imagine that you have signed up for a fundraising run, a half marathon or even a marathon! You are heading through an advanced exercise routine.
  • Protein will help promote the healing process if you have sustained an injury.

Question 4: Will I look bulky if I drink protein shakes?

Answer 4: In the health and fitness industry, particularly when it comes to women and protein powder, there are so many misconceptions surrounding protein powder. The intensity, type, and frequency of your workouts paired with your diet are what can make you look bulky rather than just protein shakes.

Question 5: Which is one of the best protein powder for women in India?

Answer 5: There is no dearth of women healthcare supplements available in the market today. Muscleblaze has been a popular name among Indian fitness enthusiasts since it speeds up muscle recovery and avoids muscle breakdown. For someone inclined to consuming plant-based proteins, OZiva natural protein powder is highly recommended. It is infused with ayurvedic herbs like shatavari, giloy, curcumin along with multivitamins that boost metabolism while allowing you to adhere to your fitness goals.

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