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Top 10 Best News App in India For Android & IOS Phones

News plays a vital role in keeping the population up to date with all the things happening not just in the country but around the globe. Gone are the days when people did not get real time news update, thanks to these best news apps in India. To provide the latest and genuine news, it takes a lot of work and research. Earlier, it had a fixed time when news would come and people would read or view it. Many of the news channels have launched their apps for both iOS and Android devices so that people can get updated with the news whenever they want, however they want. 

In this articles we will name and discuss some of the best news apps in India that are available for free, that’s correct, absolutely FREE!!

free news apps in India

When earlier the entire population of the nation waited for the time when they will get the updates on what is happening in India and rest of the world, now there are TV channels dedicated just to provide the users with the news, and as the technology advanced, many developers have created applications that a person can download and read the news on the go.

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What Are Best App for News in India To Get Latest Coverage & Updates?

A person can find if not thousands, at least hundreds of news application on both Google Play Store and (Apple) App Store. You can enjoy the news all day long without any interruptions. Here are some of the best app for news in India for android and ios devices:

#1. Inshorts

Formerly known as News Inshorts. The application provides crisp news content, keeping an articles under 60 words. The application news from Business to Politics, Science to Arts, Entertainment to Culture. The news application lets you create an Inshorts circle in which you can share any news you like with your friends, family who are part of the circle with the help of ‘Toss and Poll’ feature and that’s why it is one of the best news app in India.


If you do not have time to read long articles but still want to know what is happening around, Inshorts is the app you need to have in your device(s). This application is available for both iOS and Android devices.

Inshorts app for ios

#2. Knappily

Knappily stands for KNowledge APP daily, it is a must try, award winning application. The UI (User Interface) and the way in which the app reports, presents, and analyse a news is unique. The app covers vast categories like Politics, Sports, Technology, and Movies, just to name a few. The news follow a 5W1H framework (Why, When, What, Where, Who, and How), this helps a reader with no knowledge of the subject whatsoever in understanding the news in full-depth.

You get the ability to bookmark a news, or even read in offline mode. Additionally the app lets you find a particular news with ‘search engine’ like search box. You can also share news on social media platforms right from the app.


The application also houses a ‘Night Mode’ so you can read the news without straining your eyes in a dark environment. This application is available on both iOS and Android.

Knappily app for android
Knappily app for ios

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#3. Flipboard

Probably the best graphic-virtual demonstration for a magazine, it is the default news application for Android users. The news content or as they say ‘cover stories’ can be arranged as per your liking, you can choose the news to be shown in big images format, or small snippet.

A user only needs to pick his/her interests and the application will create a ‘Smart Magazine’ for each topic through which you can simply ‘flip’ (like you do in an actual magazine) through the latest stories.


Flipboard gets stories from leading portals like New York Times, Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post. You can also add articles and stories to read later list and even share with other people. The news on this application can be read in around 20 languages. Flipboard has over 50 million monthly users, that’s 5 crore users in a month. The application is available on iOS devices as well. If you’ll check the review of this app on both the app stores you’ll find that according to users it is the best news app in India for reading the free news.

Flipboard app for android
Flipboard app for ios

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#4. Dailyhunt

Formerly known as NewsHunt, this application is India’s #1 News, Video, and Entertainment application which offers content in 14 languages. Next Big What, community platform for Start-ups, named Dailyhunt a World Class app from an Indian Developer and also listed in top 10 Consumer Mobile Apps in India by Nielsen Consumer Rankings.


The news app offers content from over 3,000 sources, and also lets you share the content you like on social media apps installed on your device, including WhatsaApp. The apps covers categories like Sports, Business, Viral memes, Entertainment and much more. The application is available on both iOS and Android devices

Dailyhunt app for android
Dailyhunt app for ios

#5. NewsDog

NewsDog, though small, is a very popular news application in India, it offers content in 10 languages and covers categories like Sports, Local, Technology, Lifestyle, Business just to name a few.

The applications sources its content from over 1,000 credible media sources like India Today, Aaj Tak, Hindustan Times, India TV, IBTimes, Indian Express, and many more. The application lets you subscribe to your favourite news channels so you never miss any update.


The application also comes with features like Night Mode, Bookmarking (to read later), News Search Box (to find a news), Sharing (Share content via Facebook, WhatsApp and Twitter), and much more. You can go through various news categories even when you are offline. The news application is available on both iOS and Android.

NewsDog app for android
NewsDog app for ios

#6. The Times of India

On Android the name of the application is News by The Times of India Newspaper. This free news application is the official Times of India app who also prints Times of India newspaper. The application offers articles, photos, and video on news from around the world. It offers categories like World, Politics, their own ‘Times Fact-Check’, Life and Style, Sports, Business and much much more.

The Times of India

The application offers Nigh Mode, Live TV, Offline Reading, Fonts (resize the font of the content to suit your liking), Sharing (via WhatsApp, and other social media platforms), just to name a few. The application is available on both iOS and Android platform.

You can download these app and see which one best suits for your liking, once you find that app, there will be no looking back. You will be connected to the world, what is going around and the latest trends with ease.

The Times of India app for android
The Times of India app for ios

#7. Reuters News

Reuters is an international news agency and is the same company which you see quoted in articles from various Indian news agencies like Times of India, Livemint, Indiatoday and many, many more. Reuters has 2,500 reporters in 200 location distributed all over the globe which means that you get the latest news here.

Reuters News

The news application bring you news divided into various headings like World, Science, Markets, Business, Lifestyle, Sports and much more. The application comes with Reuters TV which bring the news in video format for people who are on the go and are too busy to stay at one place and read the news. However, you will have to see if your device supports this feature, don’t worry, most of the devices do.

The application comes with features like Read Later, Offline Mode, Night Mode, Editorial Highlights and more that’s why user says tha it is one of the best news app. The application is available on both iOS and Android platform.

Reuters News App For Android
Reuters News For ios

#8. Feedly- Smart News Reader

Recently, the application has gained a lot of users, as it has over 15 million readers. The application processes over 100 million articles each day and is connected with 40 million sources across 50 industries and 2,000 topics.

You can find and organise the sources of news in one place within the app like Twitter feeds, Newspapers, RSS feeds, Trade publications and more. Additionally, the application comes with an Artificial Intelligence (AI) called Leo. You can ask Leo to not only read the feeds but also prioritise the events, trends, and topics how you want them to be.

Feedly- Smart News Reader

You can also share the news with your co-workers, for marketing, research and other purposes. However, this app comes with in-app purchases, with the purchases the app lets you gain more control by letting you track keywords spot trends, and even search for any specific article.

Also with the pro version, you can integrate with Evernote, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, OneNote, Pinterest, Zapier and others. The application is available on both iOS and Android platform.

Feedly- Smart News Reader App 
For Android
Feedly- Smart News Reader for ios

#9. SmartNews

The award winning news application has a reader base of over 40 million in over 100 countries. The mobile news application fetches and analyses millions of news articles and delivers the top breaking news to you. In addition, the application is also great for Football news.


The application sources its news from the world’s leading agencies and publishers like VICE, Reuters, VICE News, Vox, The Huffington Post, CNET, AP, Wired, and many, many more. The application also provides ads free news content to its reader.

Not only the application offers smart readability mode for the fine reading experience but also comes with an offline reading mode where you can fetch the news you are interested in and then read it later.

The application is available on both iOS and Android platform.

 SmartNews app for android
SmartNews for ios

#10. NDTV

Official news app coming from one of India’s biggest news agency itself. The news application offers a wide array of news topics from Politics to Auto, Election to Cricket, Stocks to Bollywood and much more. The news you get here is not restricted to India, you get news from all over the globe.

You can get alerts and notifications right on your screen and get full coverage of the latest and breaking news going around making it one of the best news app in India. You can also get live TV and application supports Chromecast, and Airplay.


The application lets you share the news via SMS, Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter and more. In order to remove ads, however, you will have to get NDTV Premium and shell out some money. Having said that, this should not stop you from downloading and using this awesome news application as, in all honestly, most of the application nowadays come with in-app advertisements.

The application is available on both iOS and Android platform.

You can download these app and see which one best suits for your liking, once you find that app, there will be no looking back. You will be connected to the world, what is going around and the latest trends with ease.

NDTV app for ios

Language of News Reporting

We try to find applications, newspapers, and other sources to gather news in the language we understand the most, this helps us get a better understanding about the subject, however, it is not easy to find a source that offers news in multiple languages. Most of the above-mentioned application offer content in different languages with some apps offering content in up to 20 languages. Some of the apps even offer Live TV through which one can easily turn his/her phone into a TV even while traveling.

news channels live in India

Being up-to-date helps us in connecting with people, more like ‘break the ice’ while making the conversation, additionally, being up-to-date with what is happening in and around your city or even on a global level changes your perspective of how you look at things. Nowadays, as technology progresses, the news applications do not only offer content in Hindi or English, they offer content in major languages. Just like there are local newspapers or news channels offering news in regional languages, you get one mobile application, and you can toggle (change) between different languages right within the app.

Why News is Important in our Daily Life?

News, formerly thought as North, East, West, and South saying news comes from all directions, however, this is not the case, then came the full form as Notable Events, Sports and Weather, however even this is not so true, according to Metro, a leading newspaper of the UK (United Kingdom), News came into existence in the 14th century when ‘News’ was specially created as a plural form of ‘New’ which means current, fresh, and latest.

News is very important for any human being, it not only keeps us updated with the latest things going around the globe but also helps you give the confidence to talk about things in public, with friends, family, acquaintances or even strangers.

best news channel in India

News help us grow mentally, it widens our horizon, the way we see things. It helps us realise what is good and what is bad for us, the society and even the world, what is needed to be changed. For example, it is ‘Global Warming’ and ‘Climate Change’ is a news, if you did not read about it you would not know that due to us, the humans, our climate is deteriorating.

Again, it is news that tell us what we can do about it or what the world, collectively, is doing to tackle, overcome this issue. Not just this, you get knowledge about elections, governments, market, industry, entertainment, sports, you can expand your knowledge, and now you can do it on your phone just by downloading some of the above mentioned applications.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Which are the best news app in India for Android?
A. There are many news apps available for both Android and iOS users, it completely depends upon you which one you would prefer. However, Dailyhunt and Flipboard are the application we would recommend you to download. And iOS users, we recommend the same for you.

Q. What are the best free news apps in India?
A. There are hundreds of free news apps that do not charge you a single paisa to use their app, though you do spend some internet data, but that’s negligible in today’s time. In the article you will find 10 of the best FREE news apps currently available for both Android and iOS.

Q. Why news is important in our daily life?
A. News is an important part of our lives and to get updated with what’s happening is of chief importance. You would not want to drive your car one day only to get a ‘Challan’ from a traffic police because odd-even rule was imposed and you did not know about it.

Q. What are the uses of newspapers in our life?
A. Newspapers are used in our lives to get updated with latest things. We get fresh updates about the market and finance, forecasts, offers, and world news as well.

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