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Amazon Prime Vs Netflix India: The better one?

The question of Amazon Prime vs Netflix in India has become a staple for every person who is looking for subscribing a Video on Demand (VoD) platform, no matter how options you keep in mind, these two are always on the list, and other platforms like voot, zee5, and hotstar keep changing.

One thing to note is that both the platforms offer free 30 days trial, so you can view the content and the user experience.

Amazon Prime Video and Netflix have emerged as the giants in India when it comes to on demand online video streaming platforms, and, currently, Netflix is much bigger, however that does not make it would be the best one for you. As the market matured, Amazon entered the market and due to vast Goodwill of the company, it received huge subscription and are competiting with each other.

amazon prime vs Netflix In India

Netflix is widely considered as the VoD King, and amazon is now challenging it quite well for the market share, talking about India, both these platforms have immense contents, both originals and cult favourites and hidden gems like House of Cards, Stranger Things, Jack Ryan, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, and Bosch, just to name a few.

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Deciding the question “Amazon Prime or Netflix” which is better in India is subjective and will change person to person, but having said that we will compare them both on certain grounds to see which is the better one for the Indian audience. So without further ado, let us dive right into it.

Amazon Prime Vs Netflix Subscription Cost in India?

Both Amazon Prime Video and Netflix are paid, so in order to view the content, one will have to loosen up their pockets a little. The cost of their membership or subscription is very different and cannot be said that they are competitive to each other, plus the additional features you get with them.

Amazon prime vs Netflix in India

Amazon Prime Video offers two option of membership. One is a monthly subscription which will cost a person Rs. 129 while the annual, one time, subscription will cost Rs. 999. With this, the subscriber will not only get the whole box of content from Amazon Prime Video, but also the entire package of Amazon Prime which includes Amazon Prime Music, and 1/ 2 day delivery option on Amazon’s e-commerce website.

Coming to Netflix, this on demand video streaming platform is a bit more expensive, it’s monthly subscription starts from Rs. 199 and go as high as Rs. 799. Under the Rs. 199 plan one can only watch it on a mobile and tablets and the content can only be viewed on 1 screen at a time, so if you give your account to a friend or family member, he/ she cannot view on Netflix while you are using the service, and vice-versa.

Winner at Price Point: Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime vs Netflix On Devices Supported

Buying or subscribing to an online streaming platform does not really make sense if you cannot watch it on your devices.

Amazon Prime Video is compatible on a number of devices and platforms such as laptops, computers, web browsers, Macbooks, iMacs, Apple TV, Roku, Amazon’s Fire TV, and other Fire devices, iOS devices, Android devices, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Sony Playstation 3 and 4, Nintendo Wii U, Smart TVs, Google’s Chromecast and Chromecast Ultra, major Blu-ray players.

Coming to Netflix, this platform has the most number of devices that are compatible, apart from all the devices mentioned above which are compatible with Amazon Prime Video, Netflix is also supported on Nintendo 3DS, Windows phones and for this reason, Netflix, just by whiskers, wins this one.

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Winner on Devices Supported: Netflix

Amazon Prime vs Netflix On User Interface And Experience

The user interface of both Amazon Prime Video and Netflix are quite similar, but the main difference comes with the unique multiple user profiles, which means that in the standard and premium plans from Netflix a user can create 2-4 user profiles so that the recommended content is unique to you, which is not there in Amazon Prime Video.

Having said that, Amazon as there is only one monthly plan costing Rs. 129 gives you all the content in full HD or even 4K, however, Netflix will offer 4 screens, and 4K videos in its most expensive, Rs. 799 per month, plan only which may be a deal-breaker for more than a handful of people.

User interface (UI) of both the platforms is quite easy to use and clear. However, according to research, Amazon Prime Video’s is just a little shy to that of Netflix as it is more consistent over a wider variety of devices and platforms.

Winner on User Interface: Tie

Amazon Prime vs Netflix On Content

Both giants in the VoD streaming service market have loads of content, but according to the research done by Reelgood, Netflix has a bigger library than Netflix.

Amazon Prime Video has a loads of Movies, TV shows, Documentaries, Original Contents for its users such as Comicstaan, The Family Man, Mirzapur, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, Jack Ryan, Inside Edge, Once Upon A Time In Hollywood, Godfather trilogy and much, much more.

Coming to Netflix, well the platform is deliberately reducing its catalogue for movies and is now investing more in the TV shows but still, it has a lot of movies. Some of the shows and movies available on Netflix in India are Stranger Things, Sacred Games, The Wolf Of Wall Street, Little Things, House Of Cards, 12 Years A Slave and much, much more.

However, this one we will have to give to Netflix because of the accolades won by Netflix. In the Oscars 2020, Netflix’s distributed Documentary “American Factory” won the award for Best Documentary Feature. Not just this bhut Laura Dern won the award for Best Supporting Actress at Oscars 2020 for her role in the “Marriage Factory”, which is also distributed by Netflix.

Also, the content present on Netflix is more pulling, there’s a reason why they charge more and still have more subscribers!

Winner on Content: Netflix

Amazon Prime Vs Netflix Which Is Better To Use In India?

Check the summary table to see who wins the battle

ParametersAmazon Prime VideoNetflixVerdict
CostRs. 129 per MonthRanging from Rs. 199 per month to Rs. 799 per monthsAmazon Prime Video Wins
Devices SupportedPC, Computer, Apple TV, iOS, Android, PS 3 & 4, Xbox 360 & One, Fire TV and Fire Devices, Chromecast and Chromecast Ultra, Nintendo Wii U, Blue-ray devices and Smart TvsEverything Amazon Prime Video along with Windows Phones and Nintendo 3DSNetflix Wins
User Interface And ExperienceInconsistent over devices, No profiles over streaming platform but provides same video qualityCreate upto 4 user profiles, consistent user interface, charges more for video quality and screen sharingTie
ContentMore content overallBetter critically acclaimed contentNetflix Wins


When we talk about answering the question of Netflix vs Amazon Prime in India, its easier said than done. Earlier was a time when it was just Netflix in the market with its international content, but soon Amazon entered the market with its huge war chest and goodwill, reputation from its parent company Inc. which gave tough competition to the former platform, so much so that not only Netflix had to reduce the cost of its plans but also come up with more plans tailored to Indians, like the mobile plan of Rs. 199.

Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, both, are adding new content one after the other and investing highly in their original contents. However, there is a reason why Netflix has more users than any other online VoD platform in all of the world. With its content that is widely critically acclaimed, more than Amazon Prime’s, but coming to the cost, it will probably put a dent on your budget as the 3rd highest plan, which offers 2 screens sharing at a time and Full HD content, (not 4k HDR) will cost Rs. 649 per month, as opposed to Amazon’s Rs. 129 for everything – Prime Video, Prime Music, Amazon Prime with 1/2 day delivery).

When you speak about the content on Amazon Prime and Netflix, it varies from viewer to viewer. Earlier, Netflix was the only online web series India which had such strong content until Amazon came into the picture. But it came like a storm into the entertainment industry and never looked back. Not only did it cover the market with its cost-effective plans, but it ensured that the viewers were all satisfied with the content it provided. Though there is no comparison in the content as there is no repetition of it at all. But the genres are all covered in each app.

If you’re not sure which to choose, we’d say both. These days, having a few streaming services (at the least) is pretty standard, allowing you to dabble in all manner of movies and TV shows for a great entertainment experience right from your living room.

In our article, we found that Netflix is the better choice, but only by a narrow margin. But if you ask us, we would recommend going for both the platforms as having a couple of streaming options is pretty much basic to have in today’s time, and you the best of both worlds this way.

You can choose the basic mobile/ table plan of Netflix if you want to and Amazon Prime’s monthly plan and you will be sorted. However, if you can only invest in 1, we would recommend Netflix only because of the devices it supports, the sheer quality of content and the overall experience you get. \

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 What benefits come with Amazon Prime?

Ans. Amazon Prime has many benefits irrespective of monthly or one-time subscription fee for a year. You get Amazon Prime membership benefits such as one-day delivery and free delivery for the purchases made on the e-commerce website of Amazon of your country, and Amazon Prime Music as well.

Q.2 Which is better Netflix vs Amazon Prime?

Ans. The answer to this is very subjective but if we had to choose 1 we would recommend Netflix for the reasons stated above.

Q.3 How do I pay for Amazon Prime for a year?

Ans. You can pay for Amazon Prime for a year using the many online payment options such a BHIM UPI, Credit Card, Debit Card, Third Party payment apps which are all available on the Amazon Prime App.

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